From Prom to Law School Graduation

Today is not only Friday, but it is also B’s BIRTHDAY!!

Turning the big 2-8 this year and I have to say it is crazy to think when we started dating he was 19!!!! We were such babies then!

prom 2007

Prom cira 2007…


Law School graduation this year!

Man oh man we have had some crazy times, ups and down {especially the clothing/hair styles…}, but I would not trade one second of those times with anyone else!

We are pretty low key people so we don’t plan on doing anything too crazy for the birthday, I work on Friday so we will be celebrating on Saturday. Which is great because that is the one day off from studying from the Bar so it all works out. We will be hitting the bar for sure ;).

{How many jokes do you think I have referenced for the Bar/bar?!?! B would say too many…. }


I hope you all enjoy your Weekend and I might pop in later in the weekend with a super yummy recipe I made last week involving chicken, honey and sesame seeds… but I am not making any promises 😉

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 9.11.10 AM

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