My Top 5 Clean Eat Tricks

I love the saying, “You are what you eat.” If you look at my hands you would see they are very orange {I eat a TON of carrots, peppers and oranges!} So literally I am what I eat ;).

I love food and I love to fill my body with clean eats for each meal and snack, however I realize sometimes it is easier to grab a bag of chips or cook that frozen pizza, than to eat something clean. Over the years I have developed some tricks to help me steer from the chips and head straight to the fruit bowl!

1. I am sure you have heard this a million times over but CUT YOUR PRODUCE UP! Once I get home from the store I am washing, cutting and prepping produce. I personally love veggies and fruit. I crave them, B however is a different story. If the cucumber is not cut he will not chop it up. So I spend a few extra minutes after putting away the groceries to chop up things he loves to eat but won’t chop it himself!


2. I don’t really crave salty or sweet. I think once I had to go Gluten Free this changed my taste buds around. But when that time of the month happens, watch out, Hunger mode: ON.  So I make smart choices like air popped popcorn or Greek yogurt with blueberries and honey to curb what could have been chips or ice cream.


3. Eat a salad everyday. I started this trend last year and have been on a roll. It was a goal of mine to really zone in on my diet and eat a wide variety of things and salads allow for me to do so. I change my base from spinach to a spring mix and add all sorts of different toppings, pecans, banana peppers, hummus, chicken, tuna, eggs, beets, cucumber, tomato…. I could just keep going…

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4. Eat a big breakfast. I typically get my workout in in the morning. After my workout I chug a big glass of lemon water and start on my breakfast. Eating a breakfast full of good for me protein (eggs, turkey bacon, Greek yogurt) and some carbohydrates sets me up for a great day of clean eats and makes me less likely to reach for the candy bar in the afternoon!


5. Enjoy life. Parties happen, friends come for the weekend, brunch happens, life happens. In these moments I enjoy the moment and the food and I don’t dwell on what I could or should be eating. I know the next day I will try harder but that is next days problem. 🙂


Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 9.11.10 AM

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