My Current Goal with Workouts

How is it going in the land of the internet?!

We are experience some less than stellar weather, we even had a tornado touchdown about 5 minutes from our home yesterday afternoon!

Even though the weather has been sub-par I have been trying to get in as many outdoor adventures as possible.

From hiking to walks and soccer golf, I have truly been soaking up the Vitamin D!

Along with my outdoor adventures I have been trying some “new to me” workouts. My goal a few weeks ago was to start trying a new workout or two per week. I have found this has really helped with mixing it up and “getting sore.” You know what i mean?!

Here are a few worth mentioning…

3.5 mile run (threw in some pick-ups as well) + Upper Body Super Set Workout {Peanut Butter Runner}


Pyramid run on the treadmill + Cardio Strength Workout {Peanut Butter Runner}


Legs and Core {Peanut Butter Fingers} + 4 mile up hill variation walk


30 Minute Total Body Blast {Peanut Butter Fingers} + 3 mile interval run


I think I have a problem with following blogs whom have the name peanut butter!

What are some workouts you are loving currently!? 

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 9.11.10 AM

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