I love Sundays! It’s a day where I wake up early, get in a good sweaty workout,  make some breakfast with my husband and drink some lovely coffee. I love this tradition. Some times this tradition gets me through my week.

However, this tradition has changed.

I still wake up early and get in my workout, but my husband is already at school studying for the bar by the time I reach my first mile.

From the last time I blogged he was still in law school and we were “safe.” This is how I look at school, a safe place away from the evils of the work force :).


One of the reasons I started blogging in the first place was because I have major issues with changes. Like, not healthy at times. This year though has made me realize change can be good at times. Disappointment can even be good.

You might be like, come on Elizabeth this is such a small change, seriously?! But over the past year our life has been a roller coaster of school, jobs, family and life in general.

I guess my whole point is 2 years ago, this morning tradition would have been really tough for me to deal with, after this past year, this is just a normal change in life and it is okay.

Being okay.

This has been something I have dealt with as well. I don’t always need to be great, awesome, stellar. Sometimes being okay, is just what I need.

I am sure I will explain more about our year later but for now I will leave you and let you enjoy your wonderful Sunday!

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 9.11.10 AM

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