Type A

I am Type A.

I like things done at a certain time, at a certain hour, at a certain pace, I think you get the point.

The last time I went into blogging I thought I had post x amount of times, at a certain hour, and I was totally missing the point. I needed an outlet to write, a space where I can put words to paper and not have a time or a certain topic. If I want to talk about fitness, I will talk about fitness, If I want to talk about food, I will talk about food.

I also would read certain blogs and think, “mine needs to be just like theirs…”

That is not the case, I am not a personal person. I will share things I find exciting or sad but I am not one to over share and this is something which will be different as I start to blog again.

So to who ever is reading this, thanks for sticking around and listening to my crazy story!

2 thoughts on “Type A

    • I have not seen this article, but I literally thought they were reading a summary of my life! I am slowly becoming at peace with it, but it is TOUGH!

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