Happy Birthday + 7 Wants!

Hello and Good Morning!!

I am in  a great mood this morning because it is B’s Birthday!!

27 never looked better! 🙂


I can’t wait to celebrate tonight with some dinner out and afterwards some putt-putt!

Today also starts the World Cup!! B and I are super pumped and can’t wait to watch this whole month! Such a great birthday gift!


Today is another round of 10 Day YOU Challenge! I love doing this challenge so much, I feel it is opening others up and allowing them to express themselves as well. I’m getting some great comments and LOVING it!

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 5.44.29 PM

7 Wants

1. I want… Everyone to be happy. This sounds crazy but I know a lot of people who are just not happy. This breaks my heart and I just want everyone to be a happy person!

Being happy!

Being happy!

2. I want… Healthier people. I look around sometimes and realize how undereducated people are about their own health and the health of their families and it really kills me.

3. I want… The USA to do well in the World Cup. This is the largest watched sport on the planet. 1 billion people watch the final game! 1 Billion!!!

4. I want… B and I to keep living a wonderful life! We have so much fun and this month we will be celebrating 1.5 years. Crazy in my mind, but time really does fly when  your having fun!

Screen shot 2010-07-15 at 12.21.10 PM

5. I want… More vacations! Vacations do wonders for both B and I and it really just allows the body to reset.


6. I want… To inspire more people to run! Coaching a running group has made me realize how much I love to coach others towards their dreams. It is such a rewarding job and I really love doing coaching so much!

7. I want…  More time. I realize this is something we can not have but after watching this movie, I realized how much time we waste on things and I just want to be living in the moment more and living life to the fullest!

Your Turn! 

How do you celebrate your significant others birthday? 

Tell me one of your wants! 

Anyone else excited for the World Cup!?

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