8 Fears

Hi everyone!

How was your Monday? Mine was awesome because I had the day off from work and got a ton of stuff accomplished!

I started my morning off with a great workout, check it out here! After the sweaty workout I decided to work on some house projects {details coming soon!} and then got cleaned up and made my way to Target to return and buy a few things. B and I ended our night with a great dinner from Cook Smarts and watching some TV.

I had horrible lighting so their picture will have to do!

I had horrible lighting so their picture will have to do!


So I have not been doing this challenge in a row but I think I enjoy this way better; and 10 days of all about me could be a little much! If you missed the other 2 check them out…

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 5.44.29 PM

Today is all about my fears. I think we all go through a point in our lives when we fear something, sharing something “negative” about myself is hard and it makes me open up and be all mushy so just bear with me :).

1. I fear… driving over bridges. As a kid I would always hold my breath if we crossed a bridge just in case the car dropped into the water, I was ready to go!

2. I fear… car crashes. Plain and simple, I was in a pretty bad accident growing up and it just freaked me out so much. I am much better now but I still can get anxious when driving around a sharp bend or seeing an accident that has happened.

3. I fear… the dark. I can sit in our apartment with all the lights off, but if I am in a car and it is dark outside, I get really anxious. I have no idea why and it is super weird.

4. I fear… I won’t be successful in my career. I am planning on going back to school after B is done with school, but right now with it being so far away it is hard to even think about success.

5. I fear… Not being a good mom. I know this is silly and B and I have YEARS before we want kids, but my mom was such a great mom, I feel their is no way I will be able to live up to her and everything she did for my sisters and our family.

My awesome parents

My awesome parents!

6. I fear… B won’t get a job after school. B is the hardest worker I know. He works all day, comes home and work, and turns right back around the next day to do it all over again. I just really hope all of his hard work gives him the dream job he is looking for!

7. I fear… Cancer. My grandfather is currently battling stage 4 colon cancer. Colon cancer runs in my family and has taken lives of some of our family members. I have a huge fear that one day this will happen to me, that is why I try to be the healthiest person with my diet and exercise.


8. I fear… the day I can no longer run. This is so trivial and stupid, but I have thought about this many times before while out on a long run. When will I have my last run? I hope to run forever but I know that will not happen. I can only keep moving forward and never take a run for granted.

Just keep running...

Just keep running…

Your Turn! 

Do you have more personal fears or fears of like spiders? 

Feel free to share your fears as well! 



8 thoughts on “8 Fears

  1. If you haven’t read it yet, read Murakami’s What I Talk About When I Talk About Running it might help allay the running fear, or intensify it. It’s a stunning memoir and gave me the boosted confidence to actually try and take running seriously after never being a runner.

  2. I appreciate that last one more than you know. I have an incurable neurological disease and can no longer run normally. It makes me wish everyone were grateful–never taking that beautiful gift for granted.

    • Oh my goodness I am so sorry to hear. I never take a run for granted and if I am feeling blah I just think about this and it really helps. Thanks so much for sharing!

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