Tips For Working Out AFTER Work.


B and I are traveling again tomorrow for a cousins graduation party but this weekend we will NOT be spending the night. I have been staying with my parents every weekend in May and it was starting to take a toll!

Yesterday I mentioned the salad in which B and I took a huge liking towards and totally forgot to share a photo. The salad was filled with grilled chicken, red peppers, green onions and avocado. It was finished off with a spicy salad dressing with the base being red wine vinegar!


I worked the morning shift yesterday so I had to workout after work, which can always be hard. I got in a great yoga session and then B and I headed off for a very long, hilly walk. We love to explore our neighborhood and last night we found some new, massive homes. The one part we were walking in felt like out of a fairytale, it was so gorgeous!

So as I mentioned I worked out after work yesterday. Personally, working out after work is always harder than working out in the morning. After a long day of work, a workout is the last things on the to-do list. Check out some of my top tips for getting in a solid workout without falling asleep before you even lace up the shoes!


1. Before you leave for work, lay out all of your workout clothes. This can make such a difference. By just seeing your clothes laying out on your bed or chair your more likely to put them on instead of putting them away.

2. Once you put the clothes on you still might not feel like working out, but if you just give it 5 minutes of working out, you might realize that jump start made you want to start working out! If you are still tired after the 5 minutes and nothing will cut it, don’t force yourself, it might mean your body actually needs a rest day.


3. Grab a quick snack before you leave. I always grab a quick snack before I am about to workout after a long day. It gives me a little sugar and makes me ready to go. Some great examples: 1/2 sandwich with peanut butter, banana, an energy gel or even just a sports drink.

A slice of this would be perfect!

A slice of this would be perfect!

4. Make a date with a friend to meet up and workout with them after work. Accountability is what working out is all about. If you are make a date, STICK WITH IT! If your friend bails on you, go after it! Having a reliable friend for working out is key, B and I push each other to workout and we hate canceling on the other {we are very competitive when it comes to working out :)}.

Making a goal and sticking with it!

Making a goal and sticking with it!

Your Turn! 

What do you add to your salads? 

What are some tips for working out after work? 


2 thoughts on “Tips For Working Out AFTER Work.

  1. Hello there!

    I am a salad lover. My most common lunch salad – baby spinnach (or red leaf lettuce) cucumber & strawberries. Sometimes I add sliced apple, cheese, or blueberries. Then I had unsalted sunflower seeds and walnut pieces and raspberry vinigrette dressing. So good! I also love a chicken BLT type salad with grilled chicken, cheese, and bacon (hold the “T”).

    As for working out after work, I work 6:30-2 so the weekends are the only time I get to work out in the morning. My workouts are almost always in the evening. Some things I do: I plan out my workouts for the week and write them in my calendar and I stick to it. If I’m tired I have a nap when I get home, make an early-ish dinner, and work out around 6 or 7pm. Since I don’t like running on a full stomach I will often try to get my run in as soon as I get home. Literally just walk in the door, change and go.

    Have a great day!

    • I love the salads that you eat! Those sound awesome!! Also such a great way to keep on top of your workouts by marking them in your calendar. Thanks so much for the comment! Have a great day!

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