Party Time & Spending Too Much Money at Starbucks !


I can’t believe that we are in June already! Does anyone else feel that May went by too fast? I think with all the traveling home it totally made the month fly!

B and I are finally home for a few days and I feel like I can start to catch up on life again. I love seeing my family but I love coming home as well and just staying in that routine. You know what I mean?

This weekend was really packed once again with Lydia’s graduation party…

Friday: All day we were back and forth with the cleaning the house, pulling weeds and putting the final touches on the party. It was pretty hectic all day but we got it all done and it turned out beautifully!

The rest of the night was party central! I will have plenty of photos in future posts but here are a few set up photos from the party!







Saturday: We rushed back home early in the morning so I would make it to work! Let’s just say the day was very long and I was pretty tired after the party and then working all day Saturday. B and I did sneak in a walk after dinner {which was Mexican food from my sisters party! My mom loaded us up!}, but the rest of the night we were crashed on the couch.

Sunday: The apartment was basically destroyed from the crazy weekend so I spent the morning cleaning up and then B and I headed on a walk before I had to go to work for the rest of the day. We spotted a few deer on a walk and enjoyed a low key chat for the rest of the time.



Every Sunday we splurge and get a coffee from Starbucks, this morning we both got a venti cold coffee and B almost killed me when the total came to $6.90! I was pretty shocked as well when I thought this is how much I pay for a bag of beans!

The rest of the day was spent working and then deep cleaning the apartment and getting in a much needed sweat session!

Your Turn

Have you attended any graduation parties?

What is the most you have spent at Starbucks?

4 thoughts on “Party Time & Spending Too Much Money at Starbucks !

  1. I live in Seattle where the Starbucks headquarters are at and there are Starbucks stores EVERYWHERE! I think since there are so many on the same block, I always prefer to go to other coffee shops. I can’t even remember the last time I’ve been to Starbucks but I used to go there all the time and I remember spending a crazy amount of money there each month!

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