{Mostly} Wordless Wednesday

Hey friends!

How is everyone doing? Is this week flying by for anyone since most of us had Monday off? I totally forgot it was Wednesday today, but realizing this totally made my day. It’s the little things in life :).

I have been pinning some pretty note worthy pins and thought I would share with you guys on this {Mostly} Wordless Wednesday!

A Little Sparkle—>> I love giving jewelry as a gift for my girlfriends, and these earrings are perfect!


Nail It–>> Solids are so popular right now and I am really loving the gold hint as well.


Around the World—>> Why can’t we have views like this in America!?


Extras for the Home—>> Loving the coral accents and the teal wall.


Dress Up—>> This whole outfit is like my go-to outfit.


Running Like Crazy—>> I totally have to remember this sometimes, *cough cough* speed work…


Work. It. Out.—>> Is this not normal? πŸ™‚



GF Cooking—>> I am all about Greek food, put it in a burger. I am all game.



Disney Love—>> I know we have all heard this song so many times, but this was just too pretty not to pin.


Haha Hehe—>> This just puts a smile on your face!



Your Turn!

What is your go-to gift for your girlfriends?

What is your favorite nail color polish to use?

If you could pick between a tank and a t-shirt, which one do you choose? Β 

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