Gradution… The Last One!


Wow has it been forever or what!? I have been crazy busy since last Wednesday and tonight I am finally catching up on life after a very FUN filled weekend/week!

Let’s take a little walk back now to last Wednesday…

Wednesday: I worked all day, did the run group and then B and I headed to meet my dad half way between Dayton and Marysville so I could head home for the weekend for my sisters graduation {Lydia}. We were having severe storms all day and by the time B headed for home, the flash floods were making traffic backed up and he had to wait in traffic for 2 hours! I felt so bad! Before he took off we grabbed some Panera!


Thursday: I was super sore for some reason when I woke up so I nixed the workout at my parents and started working on some house projects to get ready for Lydia’s graduation party. I did things from bleaching the house, to cutting the grass, to mulching and painting! I love this type of work so I had the best time! The night was wrapped up with watchingLydia sing at her last choir concert! She had a solo, and ROCKED it, don’t worry I cried the whole time! 🙂


Friday: I managed to get in a run plus a Nike Training Club workout {Squat Party}. Lydia and I spent the rest of the day antiquing and shopping and eating at the cutest French restaurant! The night ended with B traveling back up to Marysville and us enjoying a very nice evening with my family.

View from my Friday morning workout!

View from my Friday morning workout!


Saturday: I was able to get in another run before starting the house projects and all before the graduation ceremony. B was there to help, so we got even more done. My parents love to start projects right before a huge party :). After we got cleaned up we had a lovely dinner and headed off to the ceremony. It was a great evening for graduation and I was the proudest sister! We had some miscommunication happen early in the week so B and I decided to spend the night again!





Sunday: We hit the road bright and early and got home in time for me to make it to work. I was really sore again from the two full days of work so I took off Sunday and B and I had a relaxing, and much needed break at home on the couch! We finally watched The Internship and were totally LOLing the whole night!

Monday: Happy Memorial Day!! B and I started the day off with a great sweat session, I got in another Nike Training Club workout plus some cardio machines. We then met at the pool for a few hours and then went shopping for the rest of the day! I got some great clothes for summer and a whole outfit for my sisters party on Friday {yes, the graduation celebration are never ending!} B and I ended the night was PF Changs and an early bedtime!

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend! Back to regular posting this week! 🙂
Your Turn! 

Tell me in 3 words about your Memorial Day! 

Do you like Vince Vaughn movies?! 

I love him in 4 Christmases! 

4 thoughts on “Gradution… The Last One!

  1. 3 words to describe Memorial Wknd= “Lots-of-Rain” Lol. We only got one good day of sunshine. I just came across your profile and I too enjoy health and wellness. I’m not so fond of the running, but I like a good fast walk.

    I’m new to blogger. Would love for you to check out my new blog! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!


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