Hello There!!


How is everyone doing?

Last week and into yesterday I was totally MIA from the blogging/social media world. I have been doing this lately and it has been kind of nice but at the same time I miss everyone! A few weeks ago when I left my phone at work I realized I didn’t need my phone attached to my hip and it was a breath of fresh of air!

I have also been conscience about posting relevant topics, I don’t want to be posting just to be posting. Honestly, my life is exciting, but not exciting enough to write about day to day!


So this past weekend B and I had a pretty fun weekend.

Friday: I had all day off from work so I took advance of the day and went on some errands in the morning and hit up some garage sales {I found nothing :(}. In the afternoon I went on a 4 mile easy run, my knee has been bothering me a little bit so I took it as a sign to back off and just take it easy.

Just a fun item from Target!

Just a fun item from Target!

After the run B was home from work and we made another Cook Smarts meal {Cod with lemon and garlic marinate} and finished the night off with War War Z and The Great Gatspy. We both loved War War Z and now I’m reading the book!


Saturday: Always my longest day of the week with working and run group. Run group is going great by the way and everyone is such an inspiration!  After a long day of work B and I went to a local Mexican restaurant and enjoyed some really, really good food! And once again we were exciting and watched another movie!

Sunday: We took our usual Sunday morning walk around the neighborhood and then I headed off to work for the rest of the day. After work I had a work related party at this place that had putt-putt, laser tag, arcade games, go-karts, etc. It was a blast and B and I totally came in 2nd and 3rd place for laser tag! 🙂

Your Turn!

Do you post day to day or post when you have something to say?

What type of movie do you like to watch? 

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