From Paint to Stain


I am really looking forward to this weekend for many reasons but the main reason is because I get to spend Mother’s Day with both my mother-in-law and mom on the same day! B and I are so fortunate to have parents who live in the same city, it makes holidays very easy!

Yesterday was like a summer day, not only in the temperature {85!}, but also in the everything we did.

1. Morning yoga session with NTC.

2. Finished up the chair!!!

3. Worked the afternoon session.

4. Made an awesome summer dinner {Thanks Cook Smarts!}

Follow me on Instagram {positivelyhealthyeb}

Follow me on Instagram {positivelyhealthyeb}

5. B went to Graters for ice cream; I went to Starbucks for an ice tea.

6. We went on a super long walk {Saw a few deer!}



7. Watched one of my favorite shows, Grey’s Anatomy.

8. Ended the whole day by reading in bed!


So let’s take a little journey with the chair, which I am super proud of, if I do say so myself!

This chair originally started with being found on the side of the road painted all black. And at the time I was living at home and my room was this lilac color. I thought it would be cool to paint it a deep purple, it was nice looking in my old room, but in my new bedroom with B, it was not fitting the bill.

So the first thing I did to get the purple and black paint off was to use this painter stripper, it sprayed on really easily the only issue I had was I needed 3 bottles {$6.98 each}. I think I needed so much because it was so dark and their were two coats of dark paint.


I also found wiping the paint away after the 15 minutes was easier and less messy than scrapping. This process took me about 1 week to do, and then it got cold so the project was put on a stand still. 🙂

Covered in spray. I learned it needed to be thicker to actually work!

Covered in spray. I learned it needed to be thicker to actually work!


Last weekend I got a sander from my dad so I was able to finish up by sanding some more of the paint off, as well as sanding the chair smooth to apply the stain. I was crazy about sanding, it took me forever because I knew once the stain went on it, their would be no more sanding!




The last step, the stain! I love to stain because I find it easy and it makes the project look clean and sharp! We used a stain called English Chestnut and we had to apply 2 coats. We are both really happy with the outcome and super excited to get a pillow and a blanket to complete the whole looks.

1st coat

1st coat



1 house project down, 198347 more to go! 🙂

Your Turn! 

What did you have for dinner last night? 

Anyone working on any DIY projects? 

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