Life Happenings Worth Noting

Hi there!! TGIF!

This week I am actually glad it is Friday because I have Saturday #hasnothappenedinforever and I will be traveling back home to check out my little sister and her date to the prom, along with B’s cousin. They are both seniors this year and with it being the last year I thought I would make the trip to see them all dressed up!

The past few days have been super crazy, but in a good way. B had his last final yesterday so now he is officially on summer break! I have also been working like crazy and running around with my head cut off in preparation for our crazy month of May! 

A few random thing I thought were worth noting…

1. I have really backed off on the, KILL EVERY WORKOUT. You can check out my workout week so far here.

2. I have bought some super cute stuff for Mother’s Day and my younger sisters graduation which I can’t wait to share after the events!

3. I got a free {retail for about 70 bucks} pair of workout headphones. They are amazing and I will be writing about them in the future. {Perks of working at a running store!}

4. Try this now, it will give you so much energy


5. I have been in super list mode, everything requires a list. #ihaveissues #usingwaytoomanyhashtags

6. Only 103 days until our trip!

I can't wait!!!

I can’t wait!!!

7. The weather here has been awesome, up until yesterday when it was only a high of 55. Yes, this is much better than the freezing weather and snow, but I still wish it was more on the high 60’s to 75 degree range!

8. This is some of the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used, if you are in the market I HIGHLY recommend {P.S Target has it on sale right now!}

9. I have been putting hot sauce on everything. Everything. I am loving it in my tuna and eggs the best!

Your Turn! 

What brand of hot sauce do you use? 

Do you use a specific shampoo or conditioner? Or whatever is on sale? 

What do you use for running fuel? 

2 thoughts on “Life Happenings Worth Noting

  1. OMG, I have that same shampoo and conditioner in my closet right now. I bought it a while back when it was on sale at Target too. So glad to hear you think it’s great! I’m anxious to use it now! Have a great visit home to see all the prom goers!

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