“I Think I’m Superwomen, but I am not Even Close”

Hi everyone!

So what type of weather are you experiencing this week? Right now we have had rain, rain and more rain. I enjoy the rain so it does not bother me, but it is cold again so that is bothersome!

Yesterday I got in a really good Advanced Yoga workout {NTC}. This is one of my favorite 45 minute sessions because the time flies by and it can be challenging depending on how much you put into it.  The rest of the day was spent at work and reading a new book from the library :).


How much is too much cross-training?

One of the things I learned when I first started running was I needed to cross-train on days when I was not running. This would help build my endurance and work other muscle groups other then the ones I was using for running.

7+ years ago I had a really good workout regiment, I would run on days I would run and then I would cross-train on days I would cross-train. I did this for about 3 years and then I started to train for my first full marathon and I realized swimming and cycling were even more important for my running performance.

Never sick of those marathon pictures! :)

Never sick of those marathon pictures! 🙂

After the marathon I decided to keep on running but also start to cross-train on days I was running. Then I started to lift on days I was running. I’m not talking about a few bicep curls, I am talking 45 minute to 1 hour lifting sessions after running for an hour or so.

Good for days when I was not running not to add to my running...

Good for days when I was not running not to add to my running…

I started to noticed how heavy my legs were becoming and I was blaming it on everything under the sun besides the extra workouts I was adding onto running. Well this past weekend it hit me like a ton of bricks and I was glad B was their to help me.

We had decided to go out for a run on Sunday evening after work, mind you I did a leg workout on Friday and run on Saturday and worked all weekend. My body was shot and I knew it but I still wanted to get in a run with B. Well with about 4 minutes into the run I had to walk, my legs were so heavy. I tried to keep going but I just ended up breaking down in the middle of the street and this is when B came to rescue and made me realize what I was doing to my body.

After the crying spell...

After the crying spell…

He told me how a few years ago I was just running and then cross-training and then I got this notion that I needed to do so much more, but if I wanted to run, I needed to just focus on running.

The days of just running with B and enjoying running!

The days of just running with B and enjoying running!

I realize this is a huge rant but I wanted to get it off my chest because I feel I have been cheating with running and making you guys think my running has been awesome because in reality, it has been awful. I am working on it and today marked the day that I was going to listen to my body and not kill my legs with workouts and I’m going back to my old ways when I first started running. I hope this all makes sense!

“I think I’m superwomen, but I am not even close”

My first ever race, racing smart.

My first ever race, racing smart.

*I understand some people are able to do a bunch of hard workouts and multiple athletics in one session {hello, Ironman’s} but this is just something I can’t do if I want to focus on my running more and want to get back into the groove of being about to go out for a 3 mile run with out being in pain. This is what is best for my body!!*

Your Turn

Do you go to a yoga studio or do yoga videos? 

Ever feel like you do to much and can’t just concentrate on one workout? 

9 thoughts on ““I Think I’m Superwomen, but I am not Even Close”

  1. What great perspective, thank you for sharing! I do very little cross training (Yoga once a week, and a couple short core workouts a week) because I do want to focus my training on running, but I always feel like I’m slacking (Despite running at least 30 miles a week) and should be doing more. I guess I want to be Super Woman too!

    • I have no idea how I got that photo to not have others in the photo because I remember finishing with a lot of people! Great cross training options as well!

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  3. Hi, great post, thanks! i can relate to this but in different ways– a few years ago, i started running and i used to run every other day because i thought it was what i was supposed to do as a “runner”. but then i kept hurting my knees and i couldn’t get past the 5 mile mark. i stopped running as often and started getting more into other activities (cycling, swimming, yoga, body pump), and over time, my body has gotten stronger without me even targeting anything specifically. nowadays, i typically run twice a week and i really look forward to my runs (especially the longer runs) and all my workouts. they’re often the best part of my day! i’ve let go of the “chore” aspect of working out and now just enjoy it as it is. work hard, then let it go!

    • YES!! Thanks for the AWESOME comment, I love how you don’t look at it like a chore, I do this/use to do this all the time! Thanks so much for sharing!

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