Goodbye Rider? Hello Glide?

Good Morning and TGIF!!

Is anyone else super excited about this weekend other than me? Don’t get me wrong, this week flew by but after last weekend, I’m ready for a nice calm weekend before the storm! My May is PACKED to the brim with family things and work, so I am looking forward to this weekend of relaxation and just work.

Last night I tried out a new shoe… it almost felt like I was cheating on my Wave Riders…

Hear me out…

1. My legs have been beyond heavy when I would go running, to the point of not wanting to run.

2. The heaviness had gotten so bad I was unable to run consecutively without needing to stop and stretch.

3. I had no idea what the problem was.

You would think with me working at a running store I would be able to figure out this mystery, but no, it took me 58 miles to figure it out. It was my shoes.

You guys know how crazy I am about my Wave Riders, I have been using them forever and when I say forever I mean for 7 years! That is commitment! The 15’s are by far my all time favorite edition of the Wave Rider and after my first marathon I decided to stock up, I was good for about 1 year and this is when I got the 16’s. The 16’s were okay but they were a little wide in the toe box and just kinda loose in the cage.


Yay to the Wave Rider 15's!

Yay to the Wave Rider 15’s!



I wore them however for my last marathon and at this point I never really realized that my legs were starting to get this heavy feeling and this uncomfortable feeling. I just keep using them and though nothing of it.

Over the heavy legs at this point in the 16's

Over the heavy legs at this point in the 16’s


After the marathon I decided to get the updated version of the Rider, so 17’s, and I loved them at first. Then I had about 10 miles on them and I noticed they were kinda short {I wear a 10.5} it seemed liked I need to go to an 11 and it just seemed tight in the toe box. I currently have 58.2 miles on the shoes and I feel this is too many.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 7.57.02 AM

The updated model lost 1.2 around the whole shoe and I am assuming this is why it felt so tight, to cut the weight. The shoe was also pretty stiff, I know Mizuno is a little bit harder of a shoe but it just seemed too hard. I just think their were too many things I disliked about the shoe, rather than liking the shoe.

So last night when I went out for a run I decided to try out the new Addidas Boost Glides I got a few weeks ago. It was a world of difference, I felt like I could just keep running and running {I have not felt this in a long time} and it felt like I had so much energy and my legs were not heavy one bit! I was concurring the hills and overcoming the pain, it was an awesome run.


Granted I only put 4 miles on the shoes so I won’t do a full review on them yet, and it might just be the feeling of change, but I have a feeling they might be the ones :).


Your Turn! 

What is the longest you have been with a shoe? 

Anyone try the Glide or the Wave Rider? 


5 thoughts on “Goodbye Rider? Hello Glide?

    • I remember you saying that earlier, and I thought about that when I was typing this up! 🙂 I hope she keeps liking them!!!! The Wave Rider is a great shoe but the 17’s are just not doing it for me this time!

  1. I heard great reviews about the glides and wave riders and was so excited to try them out. I ended up hating the way they felt in the store – they just didn’t work for me (I think my feet are too wide and arches too high). I left the store with saucony kinvaras and asics gt- 2000s. I love both! Especially the sauconey which are super light! Everyone’s feet are different…I’m glad you found a pair that work for you!! Happy running!!

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