Long Time, No Type!


Wow, has it been forever or what?!

Let me just catch you up on all I have been doing the past couple of days…

Saturday: I worked ALL day, but was able to go home early because I was heading home to see the family and spend the Easter Holiday with everyone. B has finals this week so he was not able to make the drive :(. The rest of Saturday was spent dying Easter eggs, celebrating my dads birthday, and talking with the family! Great way to spend the night if you ask me :).



Sunday: Happy Easter! We all woke up early to see our Easter baskets, B and I got Mary Poppins and Saving Mr. Banks, as well as a BUNCH of candy! I then headed off to a quick little run around my old stopping grounds, it was a great morning for a run and much needed. The rest of the day was spent eating some really good food and heading over to my in-laws for some catching-up! We were able to plan their Anniversary Party and I can hardly wait!



I won the Easter egg hunt!

I won the Easter egg hunt!


Monday: I spent the night again on Sunday at my parents so I would be able to attend my sisters Showchoir banquet and it allowed B to get in even more studying with out me be distracting ;). In the morning I watched the Boston Marathon {so inspiring!!} and then my mom and I headed to First Watch for a nice lunch. Of course we had to stop at Target as well. I did get in some study time for the GRE as well once we got home which was good because the test was on Tuesday.

The banquet was AWESOME, my parents are really involved with Showchoir and they pulled off a great night. The parents always try to perform the show the kids put on as well. So. Funny.

Tuesday: GRE day! I woke up with a pounding headache and not feeling well at all. Boo. I got lost on the way to the testing center and made it just on time and the room where the test took place was 75 degrees! But I got my results back and I did really well, so that is all that matters! 🙂

The rest of Tuesday was spent getting in a nice workout of running and #NTC and then cleaning and switching out my clothes from winter to summer, which took forever.

Was able to finally clean this up.

Was able to finally clean this up.


Wednesday: I worked in the morning and was too lazy to write anything in the morning {I had another headache}. We were SLAMMED at the store, I guess the weather?! I finished up the night with going back for the Beginner 5k program and then grocery shopping. #livingthedream

So that is what I have been up too and it has been crazy and a whirlwind but I think things are calming down, now I am just waiting for next Thursday when B is done with finals and our summers begins! 🙂

Have a great Thursday!

Your Turn! 

Tell me 3 things about your last week or so! 

When does your summer start? 


5 thoughts on “Long Time, No Type!

  1. Congrats on the GRE score! I remember taking it and felt drained for a few days afterward, so no worries on the lazy early Wednesday 🙂 You’ll have to post a review of Saving Mr. Banks, I wanted to see it but missed it in the theater.

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