Workout Class Specific for Runners

First off.. Happy Birthday Dad!! Can’t wait to celebrate this weekend! 🙂

I took the day off yesterday from working out, as well as blogging, I did a class on Wednesday that totally blew out the quads and arms so I wanted to get in a little rest.

Thursday was all about getting work done for the GRE as well as finishing up someones Easter basket…. I actually gave it to him last night because I won’t see him all weekend :(.

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 10.40.46 PM


The next two weeks is all about studying and taking law finals so I am trying to make his life as easy as possible so I thought giving him some candy and some cupcakes would help with the stress 🙂 .

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 10.40.53 PM


Wednesday was a CRAZY day with work, I had work all day then I had to do the 5k group and then I went to this class at a place in Dayton called, Zero Gravity. {If you are in the Dayton area I would totally recommended checking it out} {This is not a sponsored post, just me expressing my likeness to the facility} Zero Gravity is basically like an open gym with a few cardio machines, TRX stations and an area to do cross-fit type workouts.

I took a class that was geared towards runners. I feel from the workout we did, that I am such a better runner after just taking the 1 class. It was that good!

We started out with a warm-up of 2 minutes running.

Then moved on to lunges, Frankinstines, squatting lunges and after each move we would run back down to the  start. This was just the warm-up. 🙂

We then moved to the TRX machines. I have never, ever, ever done TRX, let me tell you, it was TOUGH! My arms were killing me! The instructor said I did really well, so that felt good, but I was still super sore and super tired after each set. We would also do a few bursts of cardio after a few TRX moves, it was a really nice mix-up!

We rounded out the class with a 5 yard sprint, quick feet, 5 yard sprint, quick feet, 10 yard sprint, 2 times… I was asking for the puke bucket after this.

We finished up with some TRX stretching, which felt so awesome and much needed after such an intense 1 hour class. Overall, I thought the class was great and was really something I enjoyed. I am going to go back for a few more sessions and maybe buy a card to get me into some other class. We shall see!


Have a great Friday! And enjoy this holiday weekend! 🙂

Your Turn

Have you ever done a running specific workout class? 

Anyone do TRX? 

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