Tuesday Tips {Things I Have Learned from Running}

How’s it hanging?

Yesterday was the normal Monday: workout {Check it out on Dailymile!}, grocery shopping and then work for the rest of the night.  My Monday’s are always predictable, but that is fine by me!

This week I will be studying hardcore for the GRE so bare with me on the posting and commenting, I have a goal to just take it once so I am studying like a crazy person!

Any who… I thought it was only appropriate to stick with the Tuesday Tips tradition, if you have missed my last posts check them out…

I thought today I would just do some random tips which I have learned from my own personal running as well as tips I have learned from coaching other runners.

Check it out!

1.  Shoes are so important, make sure you go to a store to get properly fit! This includes, watching you run/walk, and going through what neutral, mild stability,  stability and motion control is!

I love selling these!!

I love selling these!!

2. With the summer months quickly approaching makes sure you have a water bottle or fuel belt to get you through your runs.

S25090_2242_kompressor_pk 0003


3. Wear non-cotton socks!

These are the best.. for me!

4. STRETCH. STRETCH. STRETCH. The pigeon is an awesome stretch!



5. Healthy foods= awesome runs {no pun intended:)}

6. If training for your first race, avoid reading about how others liked the course or how others did in the race. Run your race.

7.  Time on your feet is important, make sure if your training for a marathon and plan to run 4 hours, you do a slow run that makes you be on your feet for 4 hours.

8. Cross training is vital to becoming a better runner. I love yoga, strength training, swimming and cycling.

9.  After a race or a hard run, don’t jump back into running like you’re a hero; take your time and REST. Injury is more likely if you don’t take this time.

Hard race!

Hard race!

10. Plain and simple, running is personal. We are all out their for a different reason, listening to our friends is important, but doing what they are doing will more likely hinder than help. Do what works best for you.

Your Turn!

What are some of your random running tips?

Do you have a bachelors and/or or masters? 

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