The Cornerstones to Life {Positive Thinking}

Like everyone in life I think we all have cornerstones in which we like to live our life by. Whatever those are, we build our life around those and try to maintain these cornerstones as best as well can.  These cornerstones can crumble, they can disappear for a few years, and they can be stronger in some areas and weaker in other areas, but no matter what we have them either in full force or in the back of our minds.

I saw this pictures a few months back and it really stood out to me and it was one of those times in life where I was asking myself questions.


What do I define as healthy living or positive thinking or eating healthy? I did know one thing, these words described me and described my lifestyle. Besides my family, my healthy is my number one priority and if I can live the healthiest life I see fit then I would say this diagram was my cornerstone.

Regular Exercise

I try to workout 6 days a week. This includes running, cycling, walking strength training and yoga. I feel loads better after a good sweat session and I love the feeling of pushing my body to certain limits.

Great photo of being sweaty...

Great photo of being sweaty… {PositivelyHealthyEB} <<— Instagram  

Eat Better

Even if you eat clean {which I do}, you are going to have a slip up every now and then. We are human; it is undeniable.  I can go through fazes with my eating, for example some weeks I don’t eat a 4 o’clock snack and lets just say hangry happens; or some weeks I have the late night munchies. Life happens and food happens and if we want to enjoy life we have to enjoy our food as well. {Took me a LONG time to realize this}.

Yeah for veggies!

Yeah for veggies!

Positive Thinking

This is the name of my blog, but I am not always practicing this! I try in every situation to think positively, it is hard at times but it is so rewarding in the end. If I am having a bad day at work I think, “in a few hours I will see B and it will all be okay!” Or if I’m having a bad run I think “tomorrow will be better!”

He always puts a smile on my face! :)

He always puts a smile on my face! 🙂

Feel Good

I went through a really tough situation but have learned so much from the situation {positive thinking!} I have learned that feeling good makes me a better person. Feeling good to me is when all the 3 cornerstones add up and then I feel I am living a healthy life, which is the whole idea from the photo.


Your Turn!

What are your cornerstones?

Would you say you have all of your cornerstones at the moment?

Which cornerstones fall easier? Which ones are easier to maintain?

8 thoughts on “The Cornerstones to Life {Positive Thinking}

  1. That picture also pretty much sums up my lifestyle/values. Eat well, stay active, appreciate the little things, be real, keep it simple. I sometimes fall off track and get caught up in petty things, but overall, i feel best when i am balanced and at peace with those values.

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