Tuesday Tips {Sticking with a Specific Clothing Brand for Working Out}


I hope you all had a wonderful Monday! Mine was pretty packed with running errands, working out and work. I was glad to sit on the couch for a few hours after work to watch the Wildcats play in the National Championship!

So I kind of have turned Tuesday Tips into a mini series and did not even realize I did so!

Check out my other ones…


One of my favorite things about running is the clothing. I love wearing bright colors, funky patterns, items which are trendy and I will try almost any type of brand.



When I first started working out I had no idea what was the “right” thing to wear. As I became more serious about running and working out I started to do a little more research and realized that dri- fit and non-cotton items are going to be the best for these activities.


I started to become really loyal to Reebok and found the clothes fit me pretty well. However I started to notice an issue, I was sweating through and soiling my clothes at an alarming rate.

This is when I started to shop at a specialty running store, which carried some really great running brands. These brands were more expensive but they were lasting so much long (I still have a lot of those pieces in my closet).


Then one day I bought a workout shirt at Target and found it to last well and stand up to the elements. I was pumped because this was half the cost of what I was spending at the specialty running store!

I am now at a point in my running life that I will buy almost any brand just as long as it works. There are exceptions to this rule…

1. If I need cooled weather gear I will only buy the higher-end workout gear because this is going to be much warmer than anything I can find at Target ( I have done the comparison!) {Check out my reviews on my Brooks tights and vests}



2. Rain jackets I will only buy if they are water and wind proof {which equals $$$} but if I am running in the rain I don’t want to be wet and I have tried the cheaper jackets and it does not work!

Eating and stretching, great combination!

3. Socks will only be Asics because I know they work Every. Single. Time.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 7.49.12 AM

Case in point: If you are just starting out find a brand that fits you will and keeps you comfortable. Once you are more serious go out and invest in some specialty pieces!

Your Turn!

Do you stick with a specific brand?

Do you find differences in higher end workout clothes compared to low end workout clothes?



7 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips {Sticking with a Specific Clothing Brand for Working Out}

  1. I usually buy what works for my budget. My sports bras are from Target, my winter tights are Saucony, and my shoes and jacket are Brooks! And I’m kind of obsessed with SmartWool socks 🙂

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