Tuesday Tips {How Long do you Workout?}

Hola! Happy April Fools! No I won’t be pulling a prank on you guys! 🙂

How was everyone’s Monday? Mine was super relaxing with some grocery shopping, eating the left over brownies {–>} and a great run! I had the day off and was able to catch-up on life after a crazy weekend.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 3.42.22 PM

This is not a joke…


For our Tuesday Tip I thought I would talk about exercise time. I have been developing this post in my head for about a month now and I thought it was time to share.

Let’s start from the beginning…

2 years ago I decided I wanted to train for a full marathon. It was brave, it was crazy and at the time I had no idea what to do! I trained really hard for my first race, I had goals, I smashed my goals and it lit a fire inside of me. During training I would go out for 1.5-3.5 hour runs. I felt strong after the runs and I felt proud.



After the marathon I started training for a 1/2 marathon PR and would spend hours on end running, cross-training and strength training. After the 1/2 I decided to take some running time off and do some cycling which also meant many hours in the saddle. I then started running again and ramping up for a January marathon.

Just another marathon photo.. Hi Mickey!

Just another marathon photo.. Hi Mickey!


After the marathon, I thought I was going to train for a 1/2 in the spring so I basically did another round of running, cross-training and strength training. However, I got sick a few weeks ago and realized I did not want to train for another race at the  moment. This is when Nike Training Club app entered my life.


I realized I was exercising for hours and hours on end. Why? I was not training for anything specific but I was still spending way too much time doing cardio and strength training. I guess I just became so use to always exercising for hours on end that it was ‘normal?’ So a few weeks ago I made a promise to myself that I would give a week of only working out for 1 hour at a time. If something dramatic happened, I would go back to the 2-2.5 hours.

Guess what?

Nothing happened.

Guess what?

I am now only working out for 1 hour at a time.

Guess what?

It feels great!

I think over the years it was just normal to workout this long because I had to get in those 20 mile runs or those runs with strength training to PR. Now that I am only giving myself an hour I feel I get in a much better workout and with the clock ticking I feel I am really focusing on the moves and have better form. It is amazing to me how good change can be :)!

Your Turn

How long do you workout for? 

Do you typically do one exercise for your workout? 

Anyone else feel this way? 

9 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips {How Long do you Workout?}

  1. Great tip! I got stuck in a rut where I had to spend a minimum of 2 hours at the gym racking up the time on each machine. Now I’m focusing on training smarter. Today’s workout only took me 30 minutes and I definitely felt it. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m sore tomorrow!

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