Food & Fitness {2}


I am so ready for this weekend for many reasons, one of them being seeing my whole family for some birthday celebrations and a trail run with my main squeeze. 🙂

On this wonderful Friday let’s talk about FOOD and FITNESS and what I have been up to!


I have been failing so bad. I told you guys in the last post I wanted to step up my game, remember that tangent I went on? Well it has been a major #fail in my books.

HOWEVER, I was contacted a few weeks ago by Cook Smarts for a free 3 month trial and it has totally allowed me to step-up my game. I also have a happier husband now that I am not making him make his own food…. 🙂

Once I make some more meals I will be sure to share more about our experience.

Taco night!

Taco night!


After being sick for about a week I was more than ready to start working out again. After having that week or so break it made me realize I am not wanting to just run anymore. Currently I am not training for anything so instead of running for 4 miles straight I have been throwing in intervals and add some variety to the workouts.

Example workouts as of late…

  • .50 run/1.5 mile cycle/5 minutes (of a 15 minute) NTC workout X 3
  • .50 run/2 mile cycle X 4 + 30 minute NTC workout
  • 2 mile cycle session/ .25 walk at steep incline X4 + 30 minute NTC workout
  • Yoga <<<— LOVING yoga right now!
Great photo of being sweaty...

Great photo of being sweaty…

I am just going to keep on listening to my body and doing what feels right each day. I have found I enjoy my workout so much more when I think this way!

Your Turn! 

What is your food and fitness looking like right now? 

When was the last time you saw your family? 

3 thoughts on “Food & Fitness {2}

  1. Food has not been great since I ate most of my meals out this week. Fitness consisted of a lot of stretching. I’ll be seeing my sister for the first time since disney’s race weekend this weekend and am excited! You have a great weekend with your family!

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