TTT {Cook Smarts, Coffee & Disney}

Hi hi hi!

I totally was checked out yesterday! I was pretty busy at work and by the time I got home I was super tired and literally ate some food and went straight to bed! Exciting times in the Beil house I’m telling ya! 🙂

How has everyone’s week been going so far?

I have been getting in some solid workouts, which I will share with you later this week and I have made some pretty yummy dishes which will also be shared this week/weekend. Keep your eyes peeled for some super yummy tacos coming your way!

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 7.53.56 AM

As we all know today is TTT (Triple Tangent Thursday) here on PH so lets get started shall we?!

1. I received an email a few weeks ago asking if I would want to try out Cook Smarts for a 3 month trial. Have you guys heard of this company? When you sign-up you get 4 days worth of meals in which they supply the recipe and the whole grocery list! I love to cook, but finding meals is a whole other ordeal. B and I have been trying the recipes and LOVING them, more sharing to come soon, I promise!!

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 7.50.19 AM


2. Coffee is wonderful. I have been treating myself to a cup of half decaf and half regular mid-afternoon and it has been awesome. I typically don’t get the mid-day slump but last week I just had a craving for coffee and started this little habit! So yummy!

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 7.36.30 AM

Two examples I have shared through Instagram {positivelyhealthyeb}

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 7.36.39 AM

3. B and I have been making our diner reservations for Disney and so far on the list we have some pretty awesome places. Is it sad to admit that we literally plan our trip around the food?! I will have a more in-depth post soon about the food and where we have choose but for now I will leave you with a few places we have made reservations at… Norway Princess Breakfast (!!), an all you can eat crab buffet and a turn of the 19th century cafe!


He looks so happy at the all you can eat crab buffet! 🙂

Your Turn!

Do you get the mid-day slump? What do you do to combat it? 

Do you plan out your whole vacation? 

We just plan the meals when we go to Disney, other than that we are chilled and relaxed! 

10 thoughts on “TTT {Cook Smarts, Coffee & Disney}

    • I know and I totally agree!! If we are eating in Epcot we will more than likely be going to Epcot for the day but with having park hoppers we might end up somewhere else! haha. But just having the food down gives us a better base to work with!

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