Tips for Tuesday {Running Shoes}

Hi all!!

How was everyone’s Monday?

Mine started off awesome with a great sweat session and followed by a great lunch of chicken and broccoli! I love simple, healthy, easy meals!

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 8.27.32 PM


I have not had a GOOD sweat session in forever and it felt so good to be back at it!


Working at a running store I get a a lot of crazy questions, hard questions and questions I have no idea where the question even came from! The most frequent question I am asked however is, “Can I wear my running shoes for other than running?” 

My answer: Yes and No. I know some might be confused at this answer but let me explain!

Running shoes are meant for running only. I have been told this from day one and I have always followed this rule. I don’t want to put extra miles on my shoes, more miles mean less running in them and that equals paying for shoes sooner.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 7.57.02 AM

However, I do have some exceptions to the rule…

1. If I am running on the treadmill I will walk to the gym in my shoes, I see this as my warm-up and would put these miles on them no matter what.


2. If I have completed a short/medium run and want to get in a weight session I will not change my shoes. I know a lot of people who are gasping at this, ” you could bust out the sides” or “the weight breaks down the cushioning!” Trust me, I am not lifting weight that would impressive to anyone, thus I don’t feel bad when I do this.

When I have a full on strength day I wear my training shoes, but if it is a quick 15-20 minute session I won’t change them out. My training shoes are actually my old running shoes, I love the support of a running shoe and thus I find this to be a perfect way to keep using my running shoes.

Old running shoes!

Old running shoes!

These are exceptions which I make, I am not saying they are right but they work for me and I have never noticed a difference in my shoes from doing this.

Your Turn! 

Do you wear your running shoes for more than running? 

Do you workout in specific strength training shoes? 

9 thoughts on “Tips for Tuesday {Running Shoes}

  1. I’m like you–I wear my old running shoes for non-running workouts, unless it’s a quick weight session following a run. I’ve never had trouble with my running shoes breaking down more quickly or injuring me… knock on wood!

  2. I’m liking this post because I often have questions about running shoes. I actually have my “walking shoes” and my running shoes but as of lately I am wearing what ever I can to try to improve my knee/hip pain. Please visit my blog tomorrow as I will have a post up about a pair of running shoes and I would love to get your opinion/advice on them.

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