Tips for Tuesday {New to Running}

Hey guys!

So in a  week I will be starting up the running group again at work. If you remember from the last session it was a 10 week program geared towards new runners. I love working with new runners because they are so excited about a new journey and every distance to them is a new mile stone.

Even though I have been running for the past 8 years I still learn so much from each session I do. I thought I would share with you some tips I have learned from working with new runners.

Brag photo: one of my first races lol

Brag photo: one of my first races lol

1. Being in a group setting is so much better than running by yourself. If you are just starting out I highly recommend running with a group of new runners as well, they will be your cheerleaders and your support system if you experience a tough run they will be their to push you through and remind you why you are running!

Not really a group... but B was great support!

Not really a group… but B was great support!

2. Running for 30 seconds can be super hard for those who have never ran. I see so many new runners get down when they are not able to run for the full-time duration. Don’t give up! It is amazing how 30 seconds the first couple of days can seem super hard and by the end of the program running for the full 30 minutes is a breeze.

And then you start doing crazy things like running for 4 hours at a time.

And then you start doing crazy things like running for 4 hours at a time.

3. Treat yourself to your accomplishments! I tell my runners all the time to reward themselves once they hit a milestone and this keeps them really motivated for the next run. I am not saying food has to be the reward, but maybe a new running outfit or some socks, to keep that running mojo going!

Just bought myself a new sports bra!

Just bought myself a new sports bra!

4. Don’t become discouraged when you have a bad run. Bad runs happen, it is inevitable. I think in my own personal running journey I have had more bad runs than good runs! Why do I keep going back?! Because I love when I have those good runs! This is why runners are crazy….

5. Just because you start running does not mean you can eat whatever you want. I had to have at least one nutrition tip! 🙂 When you first start running your metabolism is revved up and of course your going to feel more hungry. This is what you need to know, eating more lean protein to fill you up and drinking plenty of water is going to be key to keeping your hunger and waist line at bay.

Remember as well that 1 mile is about 100 calories burned. If your first starting out your probably not running many miles so your not burning as many calories as you think, just be cautious of what your eating and make sure your fueling your body properly!

Yeah for veggies!

Yeah for veggies and fruit! 


Your Turn!

What are some of your tips?

How old were you when you first started running? What about your first race?



8 thoughts on “Tips for Tuesday {New to Running}

  1. This is great 🙂 I have tried to start running many times and I always end up with some sort of injury and get discouraged. This time I’m using the couch to 5k program and doing a lot of stretching and i’m actually enjoying it!

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