Sickness is not Fun {Weekend Recap}

Happy St. Patricks Day! 

This weekend was probably one of the worst weekends we have had in a long time! B had been sick since last Monday and I had some how avoided all the sickness until Thursday night when it hit me hard! Fever, headache, chills, it was so not fun to say the least.


I  spent all day on the couch, like all day. I only got up to make some tea, get a little bit of food and fill up my water bottle.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 10.07.17 AM

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B was still not feeling 100% but feeling better than he was the past couple of days so he spent all day at work and by the time he arrived home I was more than grateful! Nothing like being sick AND being stuck at home all by yourself :(!

He also got husband of the year award for bring this home for me!

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 10.07.32 AM


If you have never tried Arctic Zone, you need to try it out! To me it taste like really ice cream because I can’t tell you the last time I had actual ice cream (dairy intolerance!), it is pretty expensive but so worth it!


I woke up feeling  so-so and planned on going into work the full day. I am so glad I did because I truly felt so much better by the end of the day. We were slammed at the store and I think working and taking my mind off being sick really helped me out and made me feel better.

By the time I got home however B’s symptoms had really changed and he was feeling awful once again. We somehow managed to play a few games of Beat the Parents (we are kids at heart!) and then settled in watching Skyfall.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 10.07.44 AM


I had to work once again all day and it was pretty busy once again. Haha #storyofmylife

B was feeling much better and I was able to reheat the meal we had  few nights ago and enjoy it while we watched the first Harry Potter movie and call it an early night.

Past picture but still the same great meal!

Past picture but still the same great meal!

All in all the weekend was not stellar and I was not really able to workout do to not feeling well. I am glad I listened to my body though, this weeks workouts will be a little bit easier since I was sick and I don’t want to over due my body.

Your Turn! 

When your sick do you crave hot or cold items? 

Cold all the way ice cream, ice-cold water and fruit! I will drink tea though but I don’t crave it. 

Do you like playing games? What is your favorite game? 

Anything Disney! 🙂 

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