5 Quick Facts VI!

Wow, Look Out!

2 post in one day!? This is craziness! 🙂

I hope you are all having a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day today! Even if you don’t celebrate it is still fun to join in on the fun!

Many eons ago I use to write posts called: 5 Quick Facts. I thought I would resurface this post and let you guys see some more of my personal side! 🙂

1. B and I only have one car. We use to have 2 cars but we soon realized  1. we were spending a lot in gas and 2. we didn’t really need another car! So we sold his car and kept mine (mine was  bit bigger) and it has worked out great! I have to pick him up from school a lot but I don’t mind one bit knowing we are saving a ton of money!

2. I am not a super religious person, but I am a catholic through and through and every Easter season I always practice lent and no meat on Friday. I think it was just ingrained into my brain from the time I was a small child. This year for lent I gave up alcohol. I know I am crazy! It is not like I drink a lot but I want to see if I will be able to give it up for good after these 40 days….

Won't be able to make this for awhile...

Won’t be able to make this for awhile…

3. I don’t drink pop. I gave it up about 7 years ago and since then have not even had a sip. I went cold turkey and honestly I think that was the best thing to do for getting it out of my life. I don’t really miss it either, I feel if I had some it would taste really sugary and really foreign!

Water all the way!

Water all the way!

4. I have never been out west; but I really want to go! Growing up, we always went on a summer family vacation but it was either to the beach or to Walt Disney World (that is where my obsession is from! :)) B has been hiking out to Utah before and said it is beautiful and of course I have seen pictures but it is for sure on my bucket list to travel out that way some day soon!


Family in Disney!

Family in Disney!

5.  I just signed up for the GRE (to get my Masters)! I am really nervous and have been studying but I have been talking to some friends who have taken the test and they said it was pretty hard! Gah! I loath standardized tests!

Your Turn!

How many cars do you have in your family? 

Did you give up anything for lent? 

Have you taken the GRE? Do you have a masters? 

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