Food and Fitness Friday! Edition: 1

Food and Fitness.

These are some of my favorite things to learn, study, and do on a daily basis.

So let’s kick off the weekend with a new series I hope to continue on the blog…

Food and Fitness Friday! Each friday I am going to talk about something related to food and something related to fitness (duh!) BUT how it is relevant in my life!


To be completely 100% honest with you guys, I have been in a HUGE food rut. The other day at work someone made a comment like, ” wow, I have never seen that meal before….” I think that was hint. What do you think?!

Basically for the past 2 weeks I have been eating eggs, veggies, fruit, greek yogurt, Puffins, turkey sausage and gluten free wraps with tuna. Even though these are good for me foods, and I honestly crave the carrots sticks over the chocolate, it is not good to have the same diet every single day. If we do our bodies become very immune to these foods and in return it will hinder instead of help.


I can preach this until I am blue in the face and when I help people out with their nutrition I am always telling them, “make sure to eat a variety of foods, this will rev your metabolism and allow for you to burn fat and keep the machine (their body) running smoothly!”



So what are my plans to get out of this food rut? I have two goals starting next week and hopefully at the end of next week I can report back success!

  •  At the grocery store instead of buying say romaine lettuce buy spinach or instead of buying oatmeal try another grain which is gluten free.
  • Meal plan! With B being in law school it is tough to always make a meal and eat together. However, I know  if I cook a meal he will eat the leftovers. If I work late at the store I can pack my own dinner, but if I work the morning or mid-afternoon we are having a dinner together


I declared on Dailymile a few days ago I was going to stop running for the next week or so because I could feel an injury coming on. So I have been in a funk, but I have to remind myself not everyone runs and those who do not run still workout!

And this is how I stumbled upon the Nike Training Club App! (I feel so tec savy typing that!)

This app is AMAZING!

  • This app is made with women in mind for working out.
  • When you first start you can pick if you want to get lean, get toned or get strong.
  • You then pick your level of activity beginner, intermediate or advanced.
  • You then have a ton of workouts you can choose from and they range from 15 minutes to 45 minutes.
  • You can choose workouts from Nike sponsored athletes, which is amazing!
  • If you go to another app, it pauses. #noexcuses
  • It motivates you throughout the workout
  • If you don’t know how to do a move then they have a video to show you how to do the move.
  • I am sure their are a million other things that I still have to discover!

*This is not a sponsored post for NTC, I just really like the app and wanted to share with you guys!*

Your Turn! 

Do you have variety in your diet? 

Have you used NTC? What is your favorite part about the app? 


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