National Eating Disorder Week

Morning and TGIF!

This weekend is going to be a crazy one at work, we are having our 50% off shoes and apparel sale, I basically work all weekend!

Let’s just say coffee will get me through!

I will consume a lot of you Panera coffee!!

I will consume a lot of you Panera coffee!!

After Wednesday’s disaster I decided to make Thursday a more positive day and I think I succeeded!

  • We were slammed at work… but I kept thinking how thankful I was to have a job.
  • B was still sick when I got home…. I made him some soup and he said it was the best thing he had so far all day!
  • The ceiling in our apartment entry way had some water damage… they were able to fix it today and it looks great!
  • The mouse issue was fixed… our fireplace is boarded for a while until they are able to fix it in the spring… I am just glad we got a temporary fixed!
Not super attractive, but it gets the job done!

Not super attractive, but it gets the job done!

  • I was really looking forward to my run but it did not turn out well… I am just thankful to be able to run!

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 10.55.55 PM

Looking at things in a more positive way has really been a huge help in my life. I use to think of everything with a negative outlook, especially when I was going through some tough stuff.  I would get so down on myself and the result would be binge eating or not eating at all.

I would then get so angry with myself for acting in such away and it would just keep spiraling out of control. This was a pretty dark time in my life; blogs were the thing that saved me. I credit every post leading up to my first post the reason why I am the healthy, positive person I am today.

Now whenever I am having a rough day I just look at the negative in a more positive light and it is amazing how much better I feel!

The reason I wanted to bring this topic up today is because this week is National Eating Disorder Week,  this week it has been on my mind a lot and if you know someone who is sick or needs help please reach out to them, you might be the one person who saves them!

Have a great rest of your Friday!

Your Turn!

What is one positive thing about your day today?

What job have you enjoyed the most?


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