Day in the Life {We had a MOUSE in the House!}

Good morning and happy Thursday!

I have been reading a bunch of ‘day in the life’ post and I love reading about what other bloggers are up to, other than blogging! So I thought I would share my day yesterday with you guys today!


7:00 Alarm goes off, roll over and hit snooze

7:15 Alarm goes off again, ugg… okay, Elizabeth you must get up!

7:30 I am finally up!

7:42 Sit down to my new favorite breakfast of 2 egg whites and 2 eggs scrambled with hot sauce, an apple and an orange


8:05 Make sure the post went up, shoot the internet is not working AGAIN! I think I found the correlation between not working and working, the weather! When it is freezing the connection is horrible, but when it is decent the connection is great! So frustrating!

8:30-10:00 Instead of blogging I decided to do 4 loads of laundry, food prep and cleaning up the apartment




10:00-11:00 fold the 4 loads of laundry and empty out the dishwasher, my least favorite chores!


11:15-12:30 Run 8 miles plus walk a mile

1:00 Make some lunch, tuna avocado smash. The internet is working again so I catch up on the morning blogs!


2:00-4:00 Go on the errands to the store and get an oil change

4:00- 5:00 Since I am home I am able to catch Ellen and of course she made me LOL!

5:00-6:00 My stomach was really acting up so I decided to just chill on the couch and catch up with some Castle! {One of my favorites!}

6:00 I started to get hungry and since I did not have big lunch due to my stomach feeling weird I decided to make what sounded the best… Pizza Wrap… of course!


6:45-7:15 I go and pick up B at school and he comes home to make some dinner and I clean up the apartment a little bit more {I have no idea how the two of us make the types of mess we do!} I am also a neat freak so I am sure B would disagree with me when I am cleaning ha

8:00-9:30 I watch The Middle and Modern Family

9:30 I need to eat a small snack since dinner was pretty early

9:45 I notice a noise coming from the fireplace, B is in the shower, the next thing I know a MOUSE {NOT MICKEY!!} was in our house! I was scream and freaking out, B came running out the shower and that is when it all started to get worse!



10:00 B’s friend is now over and they are trying to catch the mouse, while I have barricaded myself into the bathroom.  I hear them making plans on trying to catch the mouse and the next thing I hear is, “Elizabeth get on the counter he is trying to get into the bathroom!!” Ahh!!!

10:30 Still in the bathroom and at this point they have him cornered in a closet

11:00 They are able to finally get him and release him outside

12:00 B is super sick has flu like symptoms and I am up with him every hour basically until 4 am  trying to make him feel better.

Oh, what a night!

You Turn! 

Have you had a mouse in your house? How did you catch it! 

What was your day like yesterday? 

8 thoughts on “Day in the Life {We had a MOUSE in the House!}

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