Wordless Wednesday + Life Happenings

Hi and happy Wednesday!

If I thought last week was bad at work with the arrival of apparel, I was kidding myself. This weekend is out HUGE 50% off shoe and apparel sale and preparing for it might just kill me!

I will more than likely be MIA this weekend but I plan on posting ahead of time if I can get my act together!

So what are you guys up to on this hump day? I actually have the day off so I will be running errands, i.e oil change and Target and doing my mid-week long run.

I will leave you with a Wordless Wednesday. Check out my Pinterest Board for more pins I have pinned this week!

Words to run for 




I so need this! 


Healthy, inside and out


Summer countdown


Haha Hehe


Sugar Rush


Get on my feet!



Your Turn!

Do you do a mid-week long run? 

What food are you most looking forward to for summer? 

10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday + Life Happenings

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