Weekend Recap {Phone Less + Wave Rider 17’s + Super Deal!}

Gooood Monday morning!

I hope you all had a beautiful, wonderful weekend!

Mine had a mix of running, relaxation and a bit of chaos!

Let’s get to it!

Friday: Before I went into work I went and paid my speeding ticket and got in a 8 mile run! The rest of the night we were packed at the store, I think the break in the weather really made people want to come out and get some new gear. No complaints here, I love helping out and teaching people about shoes and gear!

Saturday: I worked all day at the store. It was a loooooong day. It was so busy and at some points I was helping 4 people at a time. Pure madness! This is basically when the weekend started to turn more towards chaos…

So we close at 6 on Saturday, however if a customer is in the store after 6 we are not allowed to ask theme to leave. It started to become really frustrating because not only did I want to go home after a long day but I also wanted to pick up my food I had placed for a pick up at 6:15 at Chipotle!

So where is this going? Well I decided since their was no end in sight I would use the restroom, with out too much TMI, I dropped my phone into the toilet with my pee and hand dove my hand straight into the pee to rescue the phone! It was so gross!!!

So right now I am phone less and my phone has looked like this since Saturday. I am going to AT&T this afternoon to hopefully get some answers! On to Sunday!


*BTW the lady never bought anything and laughed thinking it was funny that she made us stay until 7!*   

Sunday: I was able to pick up the new Wave Rider 17’s yesterday and was pumped to run in them for a 7 mile run. They felt awesome and I WILL have a review about these!


B and I then headed to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and  rounded out the afternoon with some shopping at our local outlet mall. I told you guys on Thursday  we were going to the Pottery Barn Outlet, well that was a bust {Grrr!} We found some really great stuff but it was kind of tore up and if we decided if we were going to spend xx on some stuff, we would want it brand new!

We ended up doing some clothes shopping and I got these for only 7 bucks at Tommy Hilfiger! B was able to get some v-neck shirts for 8 bucks as well at Banana Republic. We ended the night with the closing ceremony and an early bedtime!


See you this afternoon!

Your Turn! 

What is the worst situation you have been in with your phone? 

Are you sad the Olympics is over? Looking forward to Rio!?

We sure are!! 

4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap {Phone Less + Wave Rider 17’s + Super Deal!}

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