Crazy, Insane Total Body Workout!

Hey guys!!

So last night was pretty crazy at the store and I was exhausted when I got home, but don’t worry I whipped up a batch of these and ended the night watching the Olympics, per usual!

How was your Friday night? 

The other day on Heather’s post she was talking about the crazy workouts that people post and see on Pinterest. I totally agreed with her, “Burn 100 calories doing these 5 moves!” Or “Eat these 5 things to lose 20 pounds by summer!” These drive me nuts and it drives me even more nuts when I see my friends pinning them!

Well let me tell you, this workout is not one of those “quick fix” workouts. This workout will push you, and although the 1,000 reps might seem very scary, it is very doable if you do it right!

{Stepping off the soap box!}

Here it is, hope you enjoy it as much as I did and if you have an event coming up or a long training running I recommend NOT doing this! My legs were sore for days!

*Original workout found here*



The original 1000 rep workout was 50 reps each, but I found it to be much more manageable when working with 25 reps apiece.

Make sure to take breaks! I know I just post 1 break in the whole workout but take them as much as YOU need them!

Remember, I am not a licensed trainer, this is what I do because I enjoy doing these type of workouts and I like sharing them with you. Please please please don’t do any thing if you feel uncomfortable. And always check with a doctor before starting a new program!

Your Turn! 

What are your plans for this Saturday? Any races or long runs? 

Have you ever done a 1000 rep challenge? 


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