TTT {Triple Tangent Thursday}


How has your Thursday been going?

Like I said last week, this is my favorite post of the week to write!

My last two days have been crazy at work. If you work in the running world, this is the time for the arrival of spring apparel and thus it means I have no time to blog, read blogs or do anything else blog related!

So let’s get to this TTT!

1.  B and I demolished our Valentine’s Day candy! I got him Twizzlers and he gave me Sour Patch Kids and the candy was gone by the end of the weekend! My parents did have a little bit, but other than that it was all B and me! This is why they invented the word YOLO!


2. I thought I was really going to like the Wave Sayonaras, but I soon realized after Tuesdays run, I did not like them at all. They felt really tight around the arch and the toe box was huge. Whenever I would put my foot down to run I felt I was flapping my food and not gliding my foot. I don’t know, it just felt really weird!

Love the color!


3. This weekend I am super pumped because B and are going to The Pottery Barn outlet!!! I totally forgot about the outlet which is about 25 minutes from our house and the other day my mom reminded me, so we are making the drive and hopefully come home with a bunch of stuff, unlike the last venture!


Have a great rest of your Thursday!


Your Turn!

Ever have a shoe that you thought you were going to like but ended up not liking?

Sour Patch Kids or Twizzlers?

Favorite outlet?


11 thoughts on “TTT {Triple Tangent Thursday}

  1. I really didn’t care for my Brooks Ravenna’s. It was a few years ago, I think model 2. They’re on 5 now. They are probably much better now too, but they just weren’t what I thought they’d be. I stick with Mizuno Wave Inspire now but I want to try the Sayonara’s, actually. Different shoes work for different people, I’m kinda sad Mizuno discontinued so many models (including the ones I liked!)

    • Oh man I just hate that. The Ravenna has really updated since the 2, they have taken some weight off the shoe and made it 10mm drop instead of the 12mm. The inspire is a great shoe though as well! They did take a bunch away which is really frustrating, were you in the Elixer?

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