Daily Workouts & Random Rambles

Good Monday Afternoon!!

I hope you are all having a fabulous start to your Monday! After the fun weekend, Monday was hard to wake up to and to get the gears going!

  • Yesterday at the work the power went out for the last hour, which is fine, but the heat also stops working and I was FREEZING by the time we closed up! I later found out a balloon got stuck in some wires and it took out the whole block plus the mall right by us!? A balloon?!
  • For some reason after my long run yesterday I was feeling like I had caught the flu! It was so weird and I felt awful. I am feeling much better today but it was really weird.
  • The water bottle B got me for Valentine’s Day is a awesome and I am drinking so much water!



  • B and I spring cleaned yesterday and I found this random chair we are now getting rid of! So weird to just find a chair!



  • We are getting more snow tonight, ugg I am so over it!


Daily Workouts

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This week I wanted to get in more cardio and less weights. I don’t know why I just did!

Monday: 4 mile easy run + 1 mile walk

Tuesday: 4 miles on the bike + 1.5 walking + Full Body Work! 

Wednesday: 6 mile speed/tempo run

Thursday: 6 mile run + 3 miles on the bike 

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: 5 mile run + 2 mile on the  bike

Sunday: 10 mile long run

Your Turn! 

What was your favorite workout this week? 

Did anyone lose power this weekend? 

Do you spring clean? 


2 thoughts on “Daily Workouts & Random Rambles

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