Triple Tangent Thursday {Posting, Sayonara & Breakfast}

Good Morning!

Wow I can’t believe it is already Thursday!? I know I said that yesterday, but I still can’t believe that we are almost to the weekend and Valentines Day!!

Yesterday I got in a great run before work. 6 miles total for the run, first 3 miles I would increase the speed by .1 every song. The next 2 miles I did a 800 workout with a 800 cool down and the last mile I did a tempo mile. The workout flew by and I felt great after I finished!

Triple Tangent Thursday

This is one of my favorite posts to write during the week because I can spew off random things I am feeling and they don’t have to coordinate or even seem remotely similar!

1. I wrote my 200th post yesterday, which for some it is not a lot, but I was pretty proud of this number! So thank you for those who have stuck with me for those 200 posts and putting up with my spelling and grammar issues!

Story of my life...

Story of my life…

2. I tried out the Wave Sayonara yesterday for my speed/tempo run and really enjoyed them. At first I was hesitant to like them because they felt kind of too big in the toe box and a little tight on the arch, but after a mile or so I was starting to dig them! Full review after I put a few more miles on them!

Love the color!

Love the color!

3. After my day in the life post last week I realized  I am eating the same thing over and over for breakfast. So I have been trying to mix it up more!



I have been eating more Greek yogurt with PB and some fruit, 2 ingredient pancakes and I have been adding the yolk to my eggs to give it a little more staying power.



One morning I even had oatmeal which I have not had in years! It was super yummy with a banana cooked in and I stirred in some Greek yogurt. My goal next week is to eat 5 different breakfasts!

Your Turn! 

If you blog how many posts have you posted? 

I know you have answered this questions a lot but anyone have a fun date night planned for Valentines Day?!

What is your favorite breakfast? 


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