Brooks Infiniti Tight III {!!!}


With all this pizza on the brain I made a quick and easy lunch of GF english muffins with some pizza sauce, veggies and cheese for my lunch. Much quicker to make, but not nearly as yummy as my crust I made on Friday!

Any who, a few weeks ago I got a free pair of Brooks Infiniti III Tights. My job has some great perks :).

*This is not a sponsored post, just a post to state my love for these tights!*

I have some really great tights from Road Runner but as soon as I started working the running store I knew I wanted to invest in some really, really good tights. Fast forward a year and I still have not bought a pair! So a few weeks ago I was able to get a free pair and I jumped at the chance.

I have used these tights for almost every run, and I have to say they are the best tights! They are super warm and super comfortable!

Disregard the mess in the background!

Disregard the mess in the background!

So let’s go through these from top to bottom!



The top band is super forgiving! It is pretty wide and really comfortable, my only issue would be it feels kind of short in the front (TMI: it kind of rides up in the front and not in the most comfortable way when I am just standing not when running). It could also be that seam on the front of the tight that makes it feel kinda weird. Their is also a drawstring which is nice after wearing the tights for a few days in a row….


The back has nice big pocket as well to stash your gels or ipod or whatever else you might bring with you when running! And it has a little reflective tape as well.

I swear I am not showing off my butt!

I swear I am not showing off my butt!

I love the fit throughout the tight, they are super warm on the top part of the leg which is pretty important when running outside and they give the leg a nice shape without looking too tight!


The ankle fits really nice and I like that it does not bunch up at the ankle like some tights can do. I also like to have a little space in between my sock and the tight to give me some breathability. I also like the reflective tape on the ankle and on the hip which allow for cars and others to see you if running at night or early morning!



All in all these tights are awesome and I would really advise trying these on if you are in the market for a new tight!

Your Turn! 

What is your favorite type of running tight? 

Do you have black tights or some color tights? 

I have  pair of purple capris.  I want some color tights though! 


4 thoughts on “Brooks Infiniti Tight III {!!!}

  1. These look great! I don’t need super warm tights because it doesn’t really get too cold where I live, but I recently got some Nike tights that I really like. The drawstring is really helpful. I have some Lululemon Wunder Under pants that rode down when I would run in them, so now I only wear them casually.

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