Weekend Recap! {Pizza, Olympics & Ikea}

Good Morning! Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I took the whole weekend off from electronics and it was blissful! I also took off 2 full days of working out and it felt really good on the body!

I had a pretty packed weekend, so let’s get to it!

Friday: I worked all morning at the store and by the afternoon my cousin came in to buy some Brooks Ghosts. After the purchase we headed to Panera for a nice talk and some yummy hazelnut coffee!


After we said our goodbyes I headed across town to pick up B so we could start the celebration of the Opening Ceremonies! We made some super yummy pizza! B had a HUGE calzone and I made a personal pizza which I will be sharing the recipe on here soon!





Our toppings: chicken sausage, red and orange peppers and sweet onion


My pizza!

We had a blast making our pizza and we really enjoyed watching the opening ceremony!

Saturday: I worked all day and was exhausted after work, B and I decided to push MiMi’s Cafe to Sunday so we went to Panera instead and ended the night with watching the Olympics! The Olympics are going to be the death of me, I’m staying up much later than normal and it is killing me in the morning because I am still waking up at the same time!

Sunday: I got in a 10 mile run before we headed down to Ikea. Once we were at Ikea we started the process to find some things for the apartment! We were at Ikea for 4 hours and ended up with a new coffee table, some curtains, a frying pan and a rug for the bathroom. No frames, no accessories for the walls. Nothing. I think we realized our style is not really Ikea anymore and so we are making a trip to Target, some antique shops and Pottery Barn this week!

We ended our Sunday at Mimi’s cafe and had a really good meal! I got the GF Mediterranean Salad which was amazing and B got his Fish and Chips with a Caesar Salad! And of course we watched the Olympics, while putting together our new coffee table.

Super delicious salad!

Super delicious salad!

He is super hungry and just wanted to eat!

He is super hungry and just wanted to eat!

All in all the weekend was super nice and I am recharged and ready for this week!

Your Turn!

Did you watch/like the opening ceremony?

9 thoughts on “Weekend Recap! {Pizza, Olympics & Ikea}

  1. Eh I thought they were just ok. However, the company and food I watched with were fantastic 🙂 Haha I am with you for IKEA. I’ve gone but never end up with decorating things, just basic tables or kitchen supplies. Still looks like a great weekend!!

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