Five For Friday + Olympic Themed Dinner


I am so ready for this weekend and I think you all know why! 🙂

Does anyone get excited for dinner the minute they wake? I totally did today!

B and I are having our mini party for the opening ceremony’s, and on the menu is…

PIZZA! I can’t tell you the last time I had pizza so this is going to be big!

In order to keep with the Olympic theme we will be topping our pizza with

YELLOW banana pepper rings

RED bell peppers

BLACK olives

GREEN bell peppers

BLUE cheese!

I am most excited about the blue cheese!


Five for Friday!

1. I am really loving running! If you check out my dailymile, you can see I have been posting some pretty exciting running results and this makes me super happy! I just hope this keeps up! Being on a good running streak makes running so much more enjoyable and I am really looking forward to my runs!

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 9.15.17 AM

2. I watched the snowboarding and the ice skating last night and it made me realize how much I truly love the Olympics! I can’t wait for the other events!


{Source} Poor Jeremy!

3. I have picked out so many things I need to get at Ikea this weekend: photo frames, new coffee table, a mirror, a new lamp for the bedroom etc. the list just goes on and on!

4. I have been loving Panera hazelnut coffee. I have just gotten into a really bad habit of stopping at the Panera right by work to pick up a cup before I head into work, I am going to have to get this under control asap!


5. I also got a raise the other day, which I am totally psyched about! I love my job and I am so thankful for working at such an awesome place!

I love selling these!!

I love selling these!!

Your Turn! 

Are you on a good running streak right now? 

What is your favorite winter sport to watch? 

What was your favorite job? 

2 thoughts on “Five For Friday + Olympic Themed Dinner

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