Day In the Life

Good Morning!!

I hope you all had a great Wednesday! Mine was pretty low key with some working out (P90X Core Synergistics), working,  eating an awesome dinner of “crispy” chicken tenders, and watching The Middle and Modern Family!

I have been reading so many posts lately on “a day in the life” and I thought I would share mine with you today! I enjoy reading these and hope you all enjoy reading about my life! 🙂

7:00 a.m: Hit the snooze button until 7:10, B is up and already getting a shower. I look outside and see the crazy amount of snow we were hit with the night before.

7:30 a.m: I started eating my breakfast of egg whites, apple and banana with peanut butter

8:00-9:15 a.m: reading blogs, pinning pins,  catching up on twitter and stocking people on Facebook :).

9:15 a.m: Workout with P90X Core Synergistics



10:15 a.m: Start getting ready for work and realize I need to hurry it up because I need to drive B to school and head to work and I still have to get ready!!

11:30 a.m: Drop B off at school (kiss goodbye!) and make my way to work

12:00 p.m: Make it to work just on time! We are dead at the store so I start to do some blog stuff and write some emails to my old boss about some free lance stuff. I also study for the GRE which I will be taking at the end of this month!

1:00 p.m: We are so dead at the store. I break out my lunch of tuna with mashed avocado and light laughing cow cheese, a side of veggies (cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots), orange and apple.

2:00-6:00 p.m: Work, Work, Work! We did pick up later in the day!

6:20 p.m: Come home starving! Whip up some “crispy” chicken tenders with a side of peas and potato wedges (YUM!). B was able to get a ride home from a friend because they went trail running after school. Yes, he went trail running in 6 inches of snow!

7:15 p.m: Crash on the couch to finish up this blog post

8:00 p.m: Watch The Middle

9:00 p.m: Watch Modern Family

9:45 p.m: Crash into bed hard!

Your Turn! 

How was your day yesterday? 

What was you workout? 



4 thoughts on “Day In the Life

  1. I love when people share how they spend their day!
    I went to the Chiropractor in the morning, came home and had to do an interview with someone over the phone, worked from home, and then watched the Middle and Modern Family. I love those shows. Is it sad that I look forward to them all week?

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