Home Supplies + Five for Friday

Good morning!

I had yesterday off again (!!) and decided to make a more productive day of getting some errands done. Before I started on the errands I got in a good sweat session…

6 miles (hill, speed, recovery X2) + lots of stretching afterwards

I then decided to hit up: the post office, TJ Maxx, Homegoods, Khols, gas station (where gas was super cheap and I waited inline for 20 minutes to use a pump!), Hobby Lobby, Target, The Christmas Tree Shop! And the only thing that can prove I was shopping were the 5 candles I bought!


I was using your suggestions from the other day and trying to find some stuff, I did find a few frames I really liked so I am going to print those pictures off and go back for the frames, other than that it was a bust :(. I think a trip to IKEA is in order soon so in the mean time I will just have to keep looking at this!




Five for Friday

I have been pinning like a crazy women!  Here are some of the top five pins that I have found this week! Check them out!

Bodyweight Burn: You all know my crazy obsession with P90X, but for those days I am not feeling the hour workout this workout seems like a perfect fit!


Homemade Natural All Purpose Cleaners: I have been buying Seventh Generation Products and have noticed a HUGE improvement in how clean my surfaces are. I also feel so much better using the natural products than using all those chemicals, however it can be expensive and these homemade products seem much more affordable!


Black Bean & Sweet Corn Guacamole Dip: Anyone going to a Superbowl Party this weekend? I am!! And this is what I am bring! I just drool looking at the pictures….


Half Crown Braid: Do you ever get into a hair rut? I thought this style was really cute and showed off my style of a more hippy/bohemia feel. What do you think?!

af71b439f0858ed4c07ce3469d76270c (1)

Paleao Meatball Sub: I’m a sucker for meatballs. I mean they are packed with protein and I try to make them as lean as possible! Sounds weird but I will heat some up for a quick recovery snack! 🙂 When I saw this, I HAD to pin it!


Your Turn! 
Are you going to a party/hosting a party for Superbowl? 

What are some of your favorite pins this week?

What is your favorite home decorating store to shop at? 



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