Wannabe Food Blogger + Three Things Thursday!


How was everyone’s hump day yesterday? Mine was blissful! I spent the day relaxing, working out and capturing some of my food. Yes, you read that right, I was taking pictures of my food!

I typically don’t do this because I find my food to be very boring and uneventful (even though I love to cook?!).  I just had this sudden urge to take pictures of my food (random and weird!)


I ALWAYS have egg whites in the morning. I can’t tell you the last time I had something different, well I guess my body was craving some yogurt because lo and behold I had a wonderful mixture of…

  • Banana
  • Plain Greek yogurt
  • Peanut butter
  • Strawberries

I topped it off with a cup of coffee as well (I ended up drinking another cup later on).



This is a pretty typical lunch for me…

  • GF wrap with Light Laughing Cow Cheese and slices of turkey
  • Carrots
  • Cucumbers



I was craving some more Greek yogurt, and decided to mix the last of the peanut butter with half of a banana.



Dinner was one of my favorites… (B and I were almost fighting over the last piece!!)


Extra: I also had a lot of water and a few cups of hot tea! It was so cold {once again} I had to warm up somehow!



For the longest time I thought I wanted to be a food blogger. I would read all of these amazing posts and blogs about food and seeing all the wonderful pictures they would post would inspire me in return.

I soon found out that taking pictures of your food can be so time consuming! I applaud those who take the time to take pictures to share with all of us wannabe food bloggers! I still enjoy making recipes and sharing those pictures on the blog, but daily food shots are just not my thing! 🙂


Three Things Thursday!!

1. I finally went to the Federal Building downtown {always scared me!} to officially change my name! I had it changed on all credit cards and drivers license but the social security card was the last thing and most important thing I had to get done!

2. I finished up our wedding album {took long enough!} I can’t wait to hold the finished product! I worked really hard the whole book so I hope I like it as much as I liked it online!


3. I spent way to much time at TJ’s the other day and now have a lot of food but not enough space in the pantry! Some of my favorite items from the day were almond meal {so cheap!}, white bean and basil hummus, and artichoke hearts!

Your Turn!

Do you eat the same thing everyday or do you mix it up? 

What meal do you think you eat the most of? 

If you food blog, what are some tips to share with the rest of us?!

Answers: I basically eat the same thing everyday, I eat a lot of egg white omelets with sides of fruit and veggies! 

3 thoughts on “Wannabe Food Blogger + Three Things Thursday!

  1. I eat the same breakfast every day… so photos of my food get boring. Pancakes, almond butter and half a banana. Lunch and dinner are always different. We often have leftovers as I hate to waste food. Too yummy to mix up different meals of the week.

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