A Hard Workout & I Need Your Advice!

Gooood morning!!


I typically can’t type this because I’m typically working the whole weekend but this weekend I am NOT working!! So TGIF all around!

Sorry I was MIA yesterday, I was luck enough to have a the day off yesterday and I took it all in! This was the first day in 9 days (sense Florida)that I had a day off so I was pretty excited.

If you follow me on Dailymile or Twitter (if not let’s be friends!) you would have seen I had to push my long run to Thursday because I have the big show choir event on Saturday and Sunday I work all day. I must have had the running gods looking down on me because I had a GREAT run!

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 7.49.32 AM

8 miles (treadmill)

First 4: Every time the song changed I either went up in speed or incline. 36 minutes later I felt really good!

Second 4: I did this workout and the time flew by! I think it was around 35 minutes or so, I just know the last .25 I cranked it to 8.0 mph and felt like I was flying! I have not gone that fast in a very long time but it felt really good!

Winter Blues

When I came home from the gym I hopped right into the shower because I have really bad habit of waiting to long after a run to get a shower and end up getting super cold and hungry.

Once I showered, I realized how tired I was and decided to eat my lunch and zone out by catching up on missed TV…

3 hours later…

I started on my list for the day! Deep cleaning the apartment. Cleaning the places that your friends don’t know exist but you know they exist? You know what I mean? That took a good 3 hours as well and I decided to take some shots of the apartment to show you kind of what our style is like and I need some help in one of the rooms!

I love to decorate so I would love to have some input on what you guys think about a particular wall!

Organizing the Closest





Entry Way











Dinning Room


I would also like to add something to the side wall, any suggestions?!

Living Room 



I’m nixing the suitcases and put an old latter up to hold blankets to makes the space not look so cold. I also typically have candles in the fireplace but the weather has just been so cold and its pretty drafty coming through the fireplace.




DSC04069 DSC04070

I need major help on this wall!! Please help me! What do you think?!



Okay so here I am getting some curtains to hanging up here, what color do you think?



Their is the other wall with more of those frames you see above the toilet, but the picture looked really weird.

Their is another wall with more of those frames you see above the toilet, but the picture looked really weird.

I rounded out the evening with a dinner for one sense B was at school pretty late last night!


Have a great Friday! Watch out for tomorrows post on a recipe B and I have been eating like crazy! It involves a lot of this…


Your Turn!

What is a bad running habit you tend to do?

Any decorating advice for that wall? 

5 thoughts on “A Hard Workout & I Need Your Advice!

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