Running, Family and Work!

Good Morning!

I feel I have been doing a bunch of recaps and pictures and not really telling you all about the past week and how recovery from the marathon is going!

Monday after the  marathon was pretty brutal. I basically slept and ate all day but I decided to also make some goals for after the marathon and this is what I came up with!

1. Complete the full P90X workout series. I was doing just random workouts from the series during training but decided to get serious and do the full 90 days.

I am still running, so on the days I have a lighter run I will do the arm/shoulders/legs workouts and the days it calls for the more cardio options I won’t be running. So basically it will take me longer than 90 days to do the series but that is fine by me, I just want to do the workouts!

I started this goal on Thursday (January 16) and hope to be done by April.

I  feel really good and I’m glad I was doing  some of the workouts pre-marathon. For the next 3 weeks I will be doing the workouts in the following order…

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 4.30.17 PM

2. I realize that I have talked many times on the blog about being so burnt out on running, BUT after the horrific marathon I wanted to make a come back and not end on a bad race.

So B and I decided to sign up for a 1/2 in May with some friends (which will be more motivational). I started “training” with a nice little 3 mile speed workout and hope to do more speed and tempo runs this training cycle.

I swear, last character photo during marathon :)

I swear, last character photo during marathon 🙂

3. The first 1/2 I ran my average pace was 8:20. I have not seen those numbers in forever, with training for marathons and being injured my speed just went away.

That time I had some speed ...

That time I had some speed …

The last two runs I have incorporated some speed by pushing it to the level of, “i’m not very comfortable  but it still feels good range.”  I just have to remember that not every workout has to be speed and to get faster I will need to have easy days as well.

The goal here is to maybe, maybe, cross our fingers and toes, PR?!

Am I crazy? I might be crazy!


In other news, B is back at school and has a crazy school schedule this semester. He was also just hired at a great law firm. So on top of being the president of his class, school, work and training, we hardly see each other!

Go B!

Go B!

I have been super busy with work (my hours increased) which is fine by me because I love my job and sense B is gone all the time it gives me something to do!


I am really looking forward to this weekend because I am going home! My younger sister is a senior in high school and is in Show Choir (glee club). The past two weekends they have been Grand Champs, which is amazing and makes them one of the best schools in the nation! The nation!!


So I am going to be helping out with their big invitational and can’t wait to hangout with the family and spend time relaxing at home!

Your Turn! 

Anyone in a show choir/glee club in high school?

How do you recovery after a race?

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