WDW Marathon Weekend {Part 1}

Wednesday. Already?! Where did this week go?!

I’m just warning you up front this is a long one and I will be splitting up the posts with a final recap on the marathon as my last post!

Let’s back track to Friday night…

So our flight was planned to leave at 5:28 pm.

As we are waiting on our flight we notice some pretty intense fog rolling in, well sure enough about 10 minutes after we board we are told that we are going to be sitting in Dayton for about 30 more minutes because our flight to Detroit was delayed due to the storm and the fog. Ugg.

Waiting patiently on the flight!

Waiting patiently on the flight!

They allowed for us to get off the plane if we wished, but B and I decided by the time we got off the flight and back on it would be time to leave.

After sitting for about 15 minutes they make an announcement that someone broke an armrest (?!?) and we ALL HAD TO leave the plane in order to bring the  maintenance crew on. Ugg X 1 million.

At this point we are realizing we are going to be missing our connector flight out of Detroit.

The line to change flights was pretty insane and people were really upset so we decided to call Delta to see if our connector flight would be delayed or if we should take the flight out of Dayton to Detroit or try another flight out of Dayton.  The call did nothing and we were on hold for about 45 minutes.

Next thing I know I am talking to the Delta receptionist (at another gate) about changing our flight to leave out of Dayton and flying into Atlanta and connecting to Orlando out of Atlanta

Are you getting all of this; because just typing all of this is making me go crazy!

In the meantime, I realized we had left our carry-on luggage on the flight to Detroit and luckily B and the super nice people at Delta were able to get us our luggage before either flight took off! That was a close one!

As we are sitting on the runway about to head to Atlanta they warned us we might be delayed because they are having some very intense fog in the Atlanta area.

Could we please just catch a break! I guess this is what you get for running a marathon in January when leaving from a wintery state! 🙂

We finally made it our room around 1:30 am and falling asleep by 2:00 am, to have to wake up at 7:00 am to meet his aunt and uncle at EPCOT and attend the expo.

Getting ready to use our Magic Bands for the first time!

Getting ready to use our Magic Bands for the first time!

So. Tired.

So. Tired.


I have been to the expo before so I knew what to expect, but the last time I was with my sister and we kinda just ran in got the packet and left, this time B and I were going to spend some major time looking at all the cool stuff Disney had to offer!









Tomorrow I will tell you all about my very cool purchase and how the rest of Saturday went down!

Your Turn!

What is the worst travel experience you have had?

What airline do you like to fly?

What is the best expo you have been to? 



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