Goals for After the Marathon


The closer and closer the marathon gets (6 days!) the more and more excited I get. Not to run, but to be able to do anything other than running!


When I wrote this post, I realized I was burnt out (still burnt out) and in 6 days I won’t have to run for awhile! 🙂 Don’t get me wrong I love love love love running but i’m just ready for something new.

Like most runners I will most likely cross the finish line and want to go sign up for another race. But I have already made a promise to myself that I will NOT being doing this. I need a break and right now with winter and snow it is a perfect time. This does not mean that I will stopping working out ( I would go crazy and my husband would kill me from being crazy 🙂 )but I am going to cut way back on the running parts of my workouts.

In order to stay motivated I have already started to pin a few workouts I can’t wait to try out! And bring back some of my favorite made up workouts!

1000 Rep Workout

Full Body Workout

20 to 1 abs, arms, legs

I am also joining a gym after the marathon and can’t wait to get back into the pool! I have been dying to get back into the pool, it has been at least a year and my legs and arms are so looking forward to jumping into the water and going for a swim!

Another goal of mine is to do the full on P90X workouts. I have done all of the workouts in the series but I want to follow the plan to a T.


Currently I am making a 2014 race schedule, it will include a lot more 5ks, 10ks and 1/2’s and a lot less marathon training! I am also adding a/some triathlons to the list and will be talking more about this in the future! If you live in Ohio please let me know of some good starter races! 

So those are a few of the goals that I am planning to get me through the months after the marathon. B is going to be taking off from long distance running until the end of spring semester and with him doing more bike, short distance running and swimming we will hopefully be able to workout more together!

More training with B!

More training with B!

Your Turn

Do you ever plan goals for after a race before you even race? 

What are some of your favorite races to race? 

5 thoughts on “Goals for After the Marathon

  1. I am so excited for you, I hope you have a great race! I love finding new workouts though and it’s been fun not training for anything and just working on building strength this winter. But I’m opposite of you right now, I want to sign up for a race bad!

    • That is awesome on building strength! I have noticed such an improvement in running and other cardio sense I have started strength training. When you sign up for a race you are going to rock it!! 🙂

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