Running Is…

Good morning!

In anticipation for the new year, one of my favorite things to do is plan my race calendar for the next year. As I was planning my calendar I took a moment to realize how important running is to me.

Running is…

Therapeutic. When I am running I don’t find that I can relax and thinking about other things. When I start thinking about other things I feel I need to stop running and do those other things! My therapy happens after the run. I feel so much better. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me. I feel calmer throughout the day and I feel like a better person!



Running is…

Powerful. When I first had my eating disorder, running was my enemy, I would only run to lose weight or cut more calories from the day. Going to therapy made me realize that I would be a better runner if I had ate more, running was not about losing weight or cutting calories, now it was about getting in a good run and PR’ing.

A race during the peak of therapy, realizing that I needed FOOD to RUN.

A race during the peak of therapy, realizing that I needed FOOD to RUN.

Running is…

Fun. Most of the races I put on my calendar are typically fun (i.e. Walt Disney World:)). Why not do a race that you feel you are just strolling through a park and seeing characters and people are dressed up like princesses?! When I do these races, I feel less pressure and most of the time I do better!

Screen shot 2013-01-19 at 8.27.30 AM

Running is…


“Eat this!”

“Wear this, with this and don’t forget this!”

These are the socks you should be wearing!”

“Don’t run like that, run like this to have a better VO2 Max.”

Etc. Etc. Etc. We are told all the time by magazines and online blogs what we should be doing. If you are a beginner this can be overwhelming and if you are a season athlete you start to question what you are doing! I have found what I do with my eating, socks, clothes and running is personal to me. It took me some time to find out what works, but I finally found what works for me!


These work for me!

These work for me!

These are the best.. for me!

These are the best.. for me!

Running is…

Painful… at times. I have found I have more bad runs than good runs. The bad ones though made me a runner. Pushing through the pain (when it is acceptable) makes you stronger and builds that idea in your mind that you can do this and pushing through was hard but your still alive and you are still walking and you got through the pain.


Running is… 

Like a roller coaster. This is so cliche, but it is so true. In life we have so many ups and downs and some times we are just riding to ride. Their has been so many times in my life and in running that I have been like, “Wow, this is just like a roller coaster!”

This was a race that I was running to just run...

This was a race that I was running to just run…

This summer I was having some major running issues and took some time off. However, before figuring out that it was an injury, I was just running to run because that is what I did (riding to ride). During my last marathon training I was on a high and riding the ups in the roller coaster, this time around the training has been more difficult and I feel that I am just going down at a very fast spiral! 😉

Running is…

Contagious. Going into running I had no friends who really ran. Then as I started running, my friends started running. When I started signing up for races, my friends started running races. It was like the snowball effect!



I have also seen this when doing the “My 1st 5K.” Most people come with a friend and then a few weeks into the program I have people asking me if we are doing another program because their other friends have started running.

Maybe one day the whole world will be running!! 🙂

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Your turn!

Fill in the blank: Running is…_____________

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