Game Night and OSU Graduation!

Good Morning!

How is everything going? Anyone freaking out that we only have 8 more days until Christmas?!

I have to still get a few things for the stockings but other than that I am DONE!! (Need some ideas on stocking stuffers? Check out this post!)

I did post this weekend which was different for me, but I never really talked about what B and I were up to.

So, let’s get to it!

Friday: My parents came down to check out our decorated apartment for Christmas. They were stuck in traffic for about 2.5 hours and finally got here around 8:30! We had a blast playing Disney Trivial Pursuit and eating chili and just catching up.



Saturday: I worked all day and then B and I traveled home to go to his brothers graduation from The Ohio State University. That makes 3 of us now!  We spent the night at my folks and met them at my younger sisters choir concert which was really great because they performed with an string orchestra. It was really beautiful!

Sunday: We spent all day doing graduation stuff! The main speaker was R.L Stine (the writer of Goosebumps), which was really cool! He was a great speaker and told some really cool “scary” stories. My graduation I had Jack Hannah (he brought animals!) and B had John Boehner (Speaker of the House).

One of the really cool things that OSU does with the graduation ceremony is you actually get your diploma when you walk across the stage. It is really incredible to watch because you have thousands of students and they actually get the really diploma!







We ended Sunday with going to Mellow Mushroom to celebrate and back to B’s parents house for gifts and cake! How cute is the cake! We got his brother a frame to hold his diploma which was something B and I really wanted to give him because that was something that we both received from our graduation and LOVED them!




B and his brother look nothing alike!

B and his brother look nothing alike!



We had a pretty packed weekend and it felt really good to go home and hang out with our families for a bit! I can’t wait to go back for Christmas! Today I have work all day and then some running to do after work!

Your Turn 

Where did you go to college? Who did you have speak at your graduation? 

What is the longest you sat in traffic?  

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