Legs and Abs Workout

Good Morning!

I can’t believe it is already the weekend!? This week has flown by and I can’t even remember what I have done!

#whyIhaveablog 🙂

If you missed any of my weeks post you can catch them here…

One of my favorite workouts to include with running is P90X. I think this is a great program for building muscle and losing fat. I realize however, the workouts can seem daunting and a little long for most people.

This morning as I was working out (no more 5k group for a while!), I realized the P90X Leg Workout was pretty long and tough. I have done this workout a ton but I still find it very difficult and I’m always sore a few days after the workout. Which you know is a good workout! 🙂

I thought I would share a quicker version with you, I took some of the moves and some ab workout and made my own workout of Legs and Abs! A great workout for when you are short on time around the holiday season!

Slide2Here are the links to each of the exercises…

Have a great weekend!

Your Turn! 

What if your favorite leg exercise? 

What are your plans this weekend? 


6 thoughts on “Legs and Abs Workout

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